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High Pressure Duplex Basket Strainers NEW!

High Pressure Simplex Basket Strainers

Oxford Filtration have recently manufactured a high pressure duplex basket strainer for a blending system in India on a 200 m3/hr mixing loop.

The end user having recently wire brush pigged 1000 km of pipeline dislodged significant amounts of scale which could cause damage to the pump installation. A temporary strainer was installed on the pump suction, but the installation was not designed for regular draining, and this was becoming a big problem for the operators.

Initially it was thought that the customer pipe line would clear this debris but it was decided a DN150 6" class 600 duplex basket strainer rated for 95 Barg design pressure would be required. The unit was fitted with 200 micron stainless steel baskets to remove the scale in the pipeline.

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