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Oxford Filtration Wedge Wire Laterals

Self clean filters are proven technology for the automatic filtration of most fluid types including water, oils, resins, adhesives, paint and many others. Often used for the replacement of more traditional labour intensive filtration methods they incorporate most often a wedge wire filter element specially designed and manufactured for this purpose.
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Wedge Wire Laterals

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However the wedge wire technology is also used on what are known as laterals. Generally the principle of the lateral is to support some type of media or catalyst inside a vessel, and the lateral will then allow flow of a fluid around and through the media, yet retaining the media within the vessel.

Usually the laterals have a slot tube, internal distribution tube with holes along its length, and then the choice of ends can be closure plate usually on one, then either threaded or flanged as shown in (fig 1.)

In the water treatment industry we supply for use in Anionic & Cationic exchange resins. In the Pharmaceutical industry we have supplied bare tubes, which have been adapted by Engineering Company in a fermentation process. In the Oil Industry we have had several systems installed through KGD Process International Ltd.

wedge wire elements, slot tubes

KGD Process International Ltd supply media filters, as required in systems surrounding the production of crude oil. The filters provide a flexible unit process, which can be adapted to provide a wide spectrum of water quality relative to specific applications:

  • Sea water filtration for injection into oil bearing underground reservoirs.
  • Produced water filtration for oil removal following primary separators such as hydro cyclones.
  • River water filtration following primary clarification.

Media selection is based on size, uniformity coefficient and density, all of which are critical for efficient removal of suspended solids. The Laterals therefore have to be bespoke engineered to optimise the process (fig 2.).

The picture below (fig 3.) shows a set of laterals installed on a header pipe inside a KGD vessel.

water filtration for oil removal

The upper and lower distributors/collectors provide distribution of feed water and minimise media loss during the backwashing cycles.

A typical filtering media would contain:
A: Anthracite - for removal of larger particles
B: Fine Garnet Sand - for removal of smaller particles
C: Coarse Garnet Sand - which is a support layer and final filtering barrier
D: Pebbles - A layer of pebbles protecting the collection/distribution laterals

Chemical treatment upstream of the filters has a marked effect on filtering efficiency. Chlorination, along with coagulants and flocculent aids can provide filter efficiencies as high as 98% removal of 2-micron particles.
Equipment ranges from simple individual chemical injection centres to the more complex multi-chemical storage and dosing skids.

The upper and lower distributors/collectors provide distribution of feed water and minimise media loss during the backwashing cycles.

Filter systems can be supplied complete as skid mounted plant (fig 4.) fully piped up and with fully automated valve controls, or as individual filters suitable for on onshore erection. (fig 4.)

removal of particles

Oxford Filtration manufacture and supply a wide range of filtration products including simplex and duplex basket strainers, self clean filters and temporary strainers. Please refer to our web site for more details.

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